Sometimes the damage restoration process in your home will require more than a traditional in-person cleaning service. You may need a heavy-duty approach to cleaning your place. This point is where our truck mount services at EM2 Restoration can come into play.

We at EM2 Restoration provide truck mount services for all the unique cleaning needs you hold. We will utilize heavy-duty equipment that works on a high-power truck mount.

The equipment we mount on our trucks includes a battery and motor that can generate high heat and pressure at rates beyond what you would get from a handheld cleaning device. Our truck mount equipment is especially for cases where your cleaning needs go beyond cleaning a space or removing old items.

Why Choose EM2 Corp?
  • Our trucks feature the latest cleaning materials

  • All cleaning efforts are handled safely and with care for your property

  • Our trained employees have years of experience in managing cleaning efforts

  • We will monitor all cleaning efforts and ensure our machines work as necessary

  • We are available throughout most parts of Ontario

  • We can arrive at your property in less than an hour after you contact us for help

How We Work


We can arrive at your property 24 hours a day. Let us know your needs, and we will be there to serve you as soon as possible.


Our team will assess the damage to your property and identify what requires truck mount services.


The planning effort includes a review of what materials are needed for the work at hand.


We’ll provide an estimate for services based on what we use and what needs cleaning. We can also directly bill your home insurance provider.

Our truck mount services are a necessity for many cleaning needs in Ontario. Our team at EM2 Corp will provide a service you can trust. You can contact us for help with your cleaning needs if you have any heavy-duty concerns that need help.

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