We at EM2 Corp always work on large-scale restoration projects, but we never forget about the little things. We also provide a detail cleaning service here at EM2 Corp Restoration. Our work covers the smallest spaces that need the most support.

Detail cleaning entails cleaning up the small things around your property. These include items that people might touch more often than others. With so many people worried about frequently-touched surfaces, it is critical that these details receive the treatment they deserve. Our experts at EM2 Corp Restoration will clean off all these items and protect your space.

We can clean your doors, doorknobs, switch plates, frames, counters, cabinet shelves and knobs, and anything else people frequently contact. We can also dust spaces like your shelves, your ceiling vents and hanging light fixtures, your vents, and other spots you might not reach.

Our work is about providing a clean and safe environment for everyone. We can also ensure your property will be spotless.

Why Choose EM2 Corp?
  • We use safe and non-toxic cleaning materials suitable for all family members

  • We understand how to clean all the surfaces around your property

  • All debris will be clear from your property after we finish

  • Our company offers more than twenty years of experience in handling cleaning efforts

  • Available for all rooms in your home or business

How We Work


Schedule a time for when you want us to serve your property. We’ll arrive at the moment you request.


Our assessment includes a check on how well your property is functioning and what items need cleaning the most.


The plan we devise focuses on using the right cleaning materials without risking any possible harm.


We can provide an estimate for services based on what is necessary. We offer some of the most affordable rates for services in Ontario and Quebec (Greater Montreal Metropolitan Area).

Detail cleaning is a practice you should never ignore. Our workers at EM2 Corp will be there to help you with whatever detail cleaning projects you wish to complete.

Our Location

Ontario: 6660 Kennedy Rd Unit 20 Mississauga, L5T 2M9

Quebec: 1632 Rue Alcide, Brossard, J4W 1Z8

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+1 (888)-762-4634

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+1 (888)-762-4634

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Monday - Sunday

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